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Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
Complete Solutions Guides
General Information

Textbooks and solutions guides are almost always printed and published as a single book with sequential page numbering throughout. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 solutions guides. Not that you're burning with curiosity, but we'll tell you why the books are compiled the way they are and then how to navigate them easily.


Many years ago publishers faced a dilemma. They were asked by teachers to provide a list of questions not answered in the textbook but which could be used as test questions. The challenge to publishers was how to provide those questions efficiently.

Publishers could either publish a separate book containing test questions or they could include such questions with the textbook but not provide their answers to students. Publishers decided to print extra problems in the textbook, some of them (the odd-numbered problems) intended for students and others (the even-numbered problems) intended for teachers to use on tests.

That is why you find answers to the odd-numbered problems only in the back most textbooks. That is also why there are two separate books, called solutions guides, which contain the step-by-step method of solving problems in the textbook. One solutions guide is entitled Student's Solutions Guide (containing odd-numbered problems) and the other is Instructor's Solutions Guide (containing even-numbered problems).

Chalk Dust Company's Solutions Guides for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

In the first editions of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Chalk Dust offered only the Student's Solutions Guide to homeschooling families because it was difficult (nearly impossible) for us to purchase the Instructor's Solutions Guide. At the same time, many parents requested the step-by-step solutions to even-numbered problems because they wanted to use them as additional homework problems when students had difficulty with the odd-numbered problems and needed more practice.

Therefore, Chalk Dust requested a special printing, called a "custom publish," of both the even and odd-numbered problems. The publisher granted the request with the stipulation that the two books be bound into one without re-ordering problems. [Re-ordering all of the problems in the two solutions guides would be very expensive.] And that is why our Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 solutions guides are confusing - they are really two books combined into one and separated by a single colored page. Even the page numbering starts over in the middle of the book.

Navigating the Solutions Guides

Notice there are two sets of Contents, the first is on Page "iii" near the front of the books and another on Page "v" just following the colored page in the middle of the books.

In the front contents, notice there are two parts; the first part contains answers to Integrated Review Exercises for all chapters, and the other is the main part (Part II) containing answers to the odd-numbered exercises.

By the way, the Integrated Review Exercises contain problems from all previous chapters in the textbook. They may be regarded as optional exercises, but they offer a way to review previously learned material.

Be sure to refer to the second contents (following the colored page in the middle of the book) when looking up answers to even-numbered problems.


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