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Review, Comments and Suggestions
Work One Problem at a Time.
The student should review each problem presented on the DVD presentation 1 or more times. When a problem is presented on the DVD program, please pause the presentation. Then attempt a solution to the problem before playing the on-screen solution. After the student has worked the problem, please play the DVD to compare your approach to that of the instructor and to verify the steps and the solution.

Students should learn to work each problem in less than 3 minutes (some problems will take much less than a minute but on the real test you will have an average of 1.5 minutes per problem). Some graphing calculators are allowed so check out which calculators are allowed before your student takes an ACT or SAT test. Students will need speed and confidence to maximize their math score.

After all math sections are completed review The Critical Reading Section on pages 27-87, and The Writing Section on pages 97-189 in "The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT". For PSAT information see pages 21-25. Then take one (or more) practice SAT or PSAT tests (beginning on page 377) and check your work to ascertain where additional practice may be needed.

Preparation time will vary from about 90-120 hours, but in general is between 3-4 months before the test when student preparation is working one hour per day.

Technical Support. Please do not hesitate to contact Dana Mosely for technical support at 407-851-0444, or go to the Technical Support form. You can also email Dana at Please report any unusual problems or the ACT orSAT/PSAT test to Dana.

Concerning the PSAT, the DVD presentation is sufficient to prepare a student for the test because the content of the test is very elementary (and it is explained on the DVDs).

The hard part of the PSAT and SAT is the questioning style and that is what is addressed during most of the discussions on the video. The ACT is more of a pure math test and not as tricky as the SAT.

The ACT-SAT* Math Review will help the student prepare for the math portion of any standardized test such as the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. We have received reports from homeschool students who have achieved good results on the math portion of the ACT abd SAT using the ACT-SAT* Math Review.

Note: Each DVD is broken into sections. So, before taking a break please note which DVD and which section you are working in.


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