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Quick Start Guide
note: For ACT-SAT Math Review please see your Read Me First letter.

Ok, it's Monday and time to start your new Chalk Dust Company program with your student.

The parent is the "supervisor of the learning process" but not the primary instructor. Dana Mosely (Uncle Buck) is your student's instructor. The student will work on math about one hour per day.

Place your first DVD into your player and review Chapter 1, Section 1 at least two times before attempting any problems in the textbook.
>> The first viewing is to "UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS" (i.e. what is going on and why).
>> On the second viewing the student will pause the prsentation each time Uncle Buck presents a problem and attempt a solution on their own. Then play the presentation and compare their approach to the problem with that of Uncle Buck.
>> If a third or fourth viewing is needed that is fine. Stop working after about an hour.

Oh boy, Tuesday and time to work problems from the textbook.

Open the textbook to Chapter 1, Section 1 exercises. (The first chapter may be called Prerequisites Chapter.)

The student will work about 25 problems per section. (Students with learning problems can work about 15 problems.)
Each section will have about 80-150 problems from which to choose. The problems worked by the student are chosen at random, so pick about every 3rd or 4th problem if you have a complete solutions guide. If you have a student solutions guide your problems will be chosen from the odd problems. For Geometry, the student should work half of the problems but not necessarily every proof (proofs are not currently on standardized tests). Assignments may be listed under Existing Customers.

Check the problems that you have worked against the solutions guide.

If there are no questions about the problems worked please proceed the on next day by viewing the presentation at least two times for Chapter 1, Section 2 and repeat the process described above. Each section may take about 3-5 days to complete, but the program is entirely self-paced.

If there are questions about the problems please go to Technical Support.
>> The first sentence says "My question is listed below - click on the corresponding link to be taken to the correction or clarification." (Note: Most of these corrections and clarifications are listed in your "Read Me First" Letter.)
>> The second sentence says "My question is not listed below - Take me to 'Technical Support'." Click here and a fill-in the blanks template will appear with a submit button at the bottom of the page. Dana will respond overnight or call the student back the next day.


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