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Calculus I
Comments, Corrections and Clarifications
The textbook Calculus of a Single Variable, sixth edition, includes both Calculus I and Calculus II.

The Calculus I portion of the textbook is from Chapter P through Chapter 5 (followed by Calculus II). Each chapter concludes with Review Exercises. We suggest that the student work about 30 to 35 problems as their chapter review, omitting every fourth problem, and then work every fourth problem as your Chapter Test. The science student should work at least some of the application problems in Biology, Chemistry and Physics because the student will encounter similar problems later on. The "Index of applications" is on page A129.

After the Chapter Review, each Chapter includes P.S. Problem Solving. These problems are optional. For the advanced student in the sciences it might be a good idea to at least work the application problems in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Calculus I Complete Solutions Guide is for Calculus I only and includes both even and odd problems. We do not carry the Calculus II solutions guide but if you want one we might be able to order one for you. We do not have any plans to produce a Calculus II program on DVD/VHS due to lack of demand.

New Program - Calculus of a Single Variable, 7th edition

Please note the Index of Applications, page 129. The sciences major should place extra emphasis and work extra problems in applications regarding "Engineering and Physical Sciences."

Section 1.3, problem 57. The problem in the textbook and the problem in the solutions guide are not consistent. In the textbook problem, replace each 3 with a 2.

Section 5.4, problem 67. In the solutions guide, the two binomial factors in the second derivative are incorrect. The binomial factors should be (x-2)(x-2), or (x-2)2.

Previous Program - Calculus of a Single Variable, 6th edition

Section 1.1, problem 9. Omit the problem.

Section 1.2, problem 6. The answer in the solutions guide is incorrect. The correct answer is 4p.

Section 1.5, problem 63. The graph is not symmetrical to the target point so the delta value will be different depending on which side is considered. Either choose the smaller of the two delta values for a general solution [for part (a) the value should be 0.168, the delta on the left of the target point] OR separate the answers into "from the left" and "from the right" situations.

Section 1.5, problem 66. The formula for the area of the sector in the solutions guide is incorrect. Rather than 1/2 r2 θ, the area of a sector is found using θ/360 π r2.

Section 2.1, problem 11.
In the solutions guide, the exponent on x should be 2 rather than 3.

Section 2.3, page 121, problems 43-45.
Omit any questions which suggest the use of "a symbolic differentiation utility" or "a symbolic integration utility".

Section 4.2, problem 69c.
The correct answer is 78,229 square feet.

Tests. Since tests do not appear in the Calculus textbook, we recommend that you select every even (or odd) end of Chapter review problem for your Chapter Test. Or, every eighth review problem from each section to use for that purpose. Example: 8, 16, 24 etc. Each chapter includes review exercises for each section within the chapter. When you complete a section as marked on the DVD, choose review and test problems from that section. The reason for this suggestion is that Calculus chapters are extremely long.


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